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About Us
As schools worldwide shut their doors in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Virtual Cheider is open to families who are looking for an online option for their children’s education.

At the Virtual Cheider, we strive to provide the Frum community around the world with an affordable online option for their children’s Yeshiva Education. Our platform offers a virtual education experience with live classes and interactive learning in a wide array of topics and can allow your child to flourish through innovative programs, within the confines of קדושה.

"Good Voch, I just want to share with you my great nachas. I learnt gemoro with E.M this Shabbos for first time in along time and he was very clear on it! I'll be in touch. 
Many thanks"

— Rabbi Zvi S.
Father of 7th grader

"...I am glad that you two connected so well and I am very thankful to Hashem that we found this Yeshiva for him. He enjoyed learning with you since the day he met you.... He looks very very accomplished. We are also looking forward to you two to keep learning."

— Mrs G.S.
Mother of post-high school student

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Online Homeschooling 

Live classes given in a Torahdige environment.
Enroll your child in one of our virtual classrooms along with other children of his age and give him the education, social environment and daily routine that he needs

With the aim of raising the standards of teaching and awareness within the community, we offer courses to parent and teachers in a range of topics, given by professionals and experts in the field.

The Virtual Cheider is an independent entity and isn't currently affiliated with any institution. We assign fully vetted tutors, Rebbeim and teachers, that match the spirit of a Yeshiva environment. Our aim is to build up this program to eventually include standardized K-12/GCSE`s exams.

Rav Yitzchak Berkovits שליט"א

Rosh Yeshivas Aish HaTorah, Rosh Kollel of the Jerusalem Kollel and Linas Hatzedek Kollelim 

"...the virtual cheder will greatly enhance the level and love for study among many children around the globe.
May HaShem Grant you the support of all who are concerned for the chinuch of the next generation of Klal Yisrael, and Provide bracha and hatzlacha for this most worthy endeavor."


"...I would like to thank you for the amazing class for my son E. He enjoyed it very much... He was REALLY happy to learn!..."

— Mrs Rachel E.
Mother of 3rd grader

"...thank you so much for being a fantastic חברותה and friend. You have been such an inspiration to me whether it's learning... thanking project and even happiness. You have helped me so much and will always be helping, whether there with me or not with me. May you always keep on inspiring people to be closer to Hashem and be an inspiration for כלל ישראל.

.הצלחה וברכה"

— S.W.

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